Youtube Creator Research

I want to share some of the content creators I’ve come across while exploring what content and personalities are out there for web development.

Since I’m planning on generating content myself, I thought it was important to see what common practices and structure is out there.


KimComplete has some videos that cover their own experience in web development, as well as what worked for them and answers important questions that someone new to the industry will want to know.

Reading from the comments of this video, I think it’s really cool how inspirational this content was to others. Not only did Kim successfully get into the web development industry, they are also a woman and person of color.

This video helped remind me that everyone learns differently and that it’s very possible to become discouraged in learning something new if the learning style doesn’t fit.

While written examples and how-tos can be helpful, they aren’t very interactive or don’t have the pacing that some learners desire. This is something I have in mind with my tutorials, I would like them to be interactive.

Coder Foundry

Coder Foundry is a bootcamp in Northern California, and Bobby is a veteran developer who has been working with software since the early 1990s (which I find super cool).

This video covers important concepts a new developer needs to know and gives advice on strategies to successfully build a portfolio that can be used in an interview.

One takeaway I had from the structure and style of this video touches on a fear I have. I’m afraid the reader doesn’t have the patience to read through conceptual content and is only looking for hands-on material that will give instant gratification. However this video is very conceptual but still got a lot of views and interaction in the comments.

This makes me feel more comfortable writing content that is conceptual and opinion based.

Kevin Powell

Kevin strikes me as a developer with a good amount of experience, though I wasn’t able to find more info on their history.

Their video is more visual and hands on then the last two examples I’ve given.

The content they produce covers more modern web development topics, such as flex. I really appreciate how these videos go into enough detail to help teach the ins-and-outs of different CSS properties.

I also liked the structure of these videos and how concise they were in covering the journey of the solution, which included running into problems and solving them.


I’m still not sure what structure I want to use for my content, though this helped me build out my topic outline more.

At the very least, this gave me a feel for existing content and structure, and I don’t feel like I’m going through this as blind.