Bendy and the Ink Machine

In the last boss fight, against evil Bendy, there are two sequences. The first involves flipping on multiple power switches while Bendy charges across the pathways from wall to wall. I died A LOT during this phase because I couldn’t see what direction Bendy was coming from. The flipped switches kept their state after death, which made death during this sequence pretty inconsequential. Again, I think this is because of Switch controls. I believe I was suppose to be rapidly searching for what wall Bendy would be entering from.

In the second phase, you trick Bendy into charging into some ink pipes. This felt better and more under control.


Bendy and the Ink Machine has a pretty fascinating and in-depth story. You play as Henry, a form employee of an animation studio.

Something obviously went awry and as you progress you move deeper and deeper into the madness of the business owner, Dewie.

You learn about what happened to the studio through audio recordings, which are very Bioshock-esque.

What happened to the employees is very dark. It very much symbolizes a heartless corporate entity sucking the soul from its employees.

I really enjoyed the story and characters.

With that said, there was a lot to take in and I was left pretty confused by some plot points and pretty lost by the ending. In time I will probably understand.

The plot-twist after corrupt Boris still has me confused with there being two Alices. Through the audio logs you find that there were two voice-actresses of Alice. Is the evil Alice the first voice actress?

The model of Alice also doesn’t match the imagery you see before and is different from the other character’s aesthetic. I haven’t seen/heard anyone point that out, so maybe I’m wrong there.

The ending is the most confusing, especially with the later reveal that there is a sequel coming up.

Was the story of Bendy and the Ink Machine not real and just a story told by Dewie that symbolized the guild and regret of his crooked business dealings?

I can appreciate that take. Though it feels like there was a lot of loose ends left.


So despite my criticism and poor experience with gameplay on the Switch, this game was well made and a worthwhile experience. Gameplay was challenging and kept itself fresh.

There are couple Youtube videos covering the Bendy story by The Game Theorist. I recommend checking them out if you are interested in the story.

And then this one re-evaluates the story content after the second Bendy game is announced.

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